Our Worship Style

Our worship style is a mix of the ancient and the modern.

We follow an order of worship like that used by Anglican churches throughout the world. Our liturgy (as this order is called) allows us first to hear from the Lord through reading his Word, and then to respond to him through prayer. This is followed by Holy Communion. The entire service begins and ends with music with additional musical pieces throughout.

Everyone attending plays a part, not just the ministers and musicians. We all stand to sing and (those who are able) kneel to pray. Together we read aloud portions of the service, including prayers of confession and thanksgiving. We are not spectators in worship but fellow participants.

Our choir leads us in classic hymns, and our band leads us in more contemporary hymns and other music. We have people of all ages and all stages of faith. Some of us come to church in suits, some come in jeans. Some of us are demonstrative in worship; some are more reserved. What we have in common is a passion to experience and share the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Please come join us. Whether you are a Christian or just curious, we hope you’ll taste the peace and joy in living life for Christ that we have found.